Credit card bill reminders "migrate" to deposits/income reminders and effectively do not remind

I have been wrestling with this issue for over two years with successive Quicken releases. I am on Windows 10 running Quicken Deluxe R33.24.

I use bill reminders to remind me when credit card payments are due. I configure the reminders to "Estimate amount for me" and set them to "current credit card balance".

I also have credit card accounts configured to download transactions automatically. If I accept the downloaded credit card payment transaction (credit) BEFORE accepting/entering the credit card charges (debits) such that the credit card balance goes POSITIVE, then this issue occurs. What appears to happen is that Quicken no longer consider my reminder to be a BILL reminder, but instead changes it to DEPOSIT reminder and effectively does not alert me when the bill is due per my original setup of the reminder. The only way to correct this is to delete the deposit reminder, and recreate the bill reminder, and this does not prevent the issue from reoccurring.

I have this habit of accepting credit card payment before charges because downloaded credit card payments will appear as matched transactions (they are transfers from the checking account and are entered at the time on online bill pay), whereas I may get around to entering the credit card charges at some later time. I expect that I should be able to follow this pattern and still be correctly reminded of the bills that I configured.

Of course, one workaround solution is to not use "current credit card balance" as estimate, but this then messes up the balance forecast for my checking account that appears on the bottom of the "Bill and Income Reminders" view.

Is anyone aware of another workaround solution? Is this a bug that people at Quicken are aware of?


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    I also use Scheduled Reminders for paying my credit card statements, but I'm in the habit of recording these reminders BEFORE I download transactions from both the checking account and the credit card accounts. That ensures a register transaction already exists, with correct amounts and categories, in both accounts. Upon download, Quicken can match the payment confirmation to the register transaction and I don't get any of these weird situations which you describe.
    Works well for me.
    The actual payment of the credit card is performed by the credit card company's AutoPay (Direct Debit, PAC Draft or whatever they call it) system, for full statement balance automatically on the statement's due date. Haven't missed or mucked up a payment in many years.