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Hello. I have an account where the detail (0 remaining shares, $0 remaining cash) does not match what is showing in the summary account panel. This is an older account, now closed, that I keep for historical purposes. I have it as a "Separate Account" so the error does not affect my net worth, but the discrepancy is troubling. The account is reconciled and the entire Quicken file validated with no errors. So why the spurious positive total showing in the account summary (the left panel on the Quicken screen showing accounts by Banking, investing, Property and Debt, Separate, ...)?


  • Jim Hamren
    Jim Hamren Member ✭✭
    I realized eventually that Quicken had somehow dropped the last two transactions in this account which zeroed out the account. This has happened before and is extremely annoying. If there is a way to stop this from happening I would like to hear it.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @Jim Hamren

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    First, please navigate to Help > About Quicken and provide the release that you are currently running.

    May I ask that you please take a moment to review the steps and information available here and confirm the location of the data file? Is the file stored on the hard drive or the cloud drive?

    Storing the file in a cloud drive may cause missing transactions as you have described. Please let me know!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • Jim Hamren
    Jim Hamren Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the reply. I am running Quicken Premier, version R33.24, Build Data is stored on the computer hard drive, not in the cloud.
  • Quicken Francisco
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    @Jim Hamren

    Thanks for letting us know the additonal details. That is odd that it would have changed while not being an active account anymore. By chance did those transactions happened to be linked somewhere else? Additionally if we could get a photo of the difference as well. This will help us see if we might be able to find something that caused the issue. I'll leave a link down below on how to screenshot.

    Once you've had a chance to take a screenshot let us know and we'll see what we can do to fix the issue you're having.

    Quicken Francisco
  • volvogirl
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    I would try going to the account and change the last transaction (it's probably a sell?) to sell ALL shares.  Sometimes there are fraction shares left over that don't show up right.  
  • Jim Hamren
    Jim Hamren Member ✭✭
    edited June 2021
    volvogirl, Thanks, but that's not the problem. The problem is that Quicken dropped the last two transactions in the account.
  • Jim Hamren
    Jim Hamren Member ✭✭
    Quicken Francisco, Quicken_Tyka, Quicken dropped the last two transactions in the file as shown in the attached picture. The last transaction detail shows an Inv Amt xferred though the summary in the picture does not. I discovered that the transactions were dropped by looking back at an earlier saved file. In this view I have added the transactions back, but when I wrote the question the Affina Bkg Svcs entry in the left panel had a positive balance
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