Anyone else having trouble with downloads and reconciling?

We have had problems with some duplicate transactions being downloaded and others not being downloaded at all. Reconciliation is a mess.


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    One more thing....the names of payess are changed from our bank account when they are downloaded to Quicken for Mac. Is this a known glitch? What can we do to fix this?
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    @mvitulli  Tackling the last question first…

    Click on one of the transactions where the Payee name has changed, and select View > Show Inspector. The top portion of the window shows the data in Quicken, and the bottom part shows exactly what came from your financial institution. We want to see if the name came in as XYZ from the financial institution and was changed to ABC by Quicken, or if the financial institution is transmitting messed-up data. (Keep in mind that what you see when you log into your bank's consumer website is not necessarily the same data your bank is downloading to Quicken.)

    If the data is correct from the financial institution and Quicken has changed the Payee name, there are two things you can do to attack this. First, there's a setting in Preferences > Connected Services which say "Automatically improve the quality of downloaded payee names and categories" which you can uncheck.  This should stop Quicken from renaming Payees, but it will also stop it from attempting to auto-categorize transactions. If that proves too much of a sledgehammer for occasional problems, then you can create Renaming Rules for Payees which Quicken is incorrectly changing. Go to Windows > Payees & Rules and click on the Renaming Rules tab. Add a new rule which says "If Statement contains 'XYZ' " "Do not rename" (or "Rename to 'XYZ' ").

    For duplicate transactions, open each one in the Inspector and see if the FITID number is different. The FITID number is supposed to be a unique number issues by the financial institution, in order to allow Quicken to track and reject duplicates from downloading. If the financial institution is changing the FITID numbers, then Quicken has no idea the transactions are duplicates. For an issue like this, you're best contacting Quicken Support; if they can verify there's a problem with the downloads, they can escalate this with their aggregation service.
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    Are you sure you have checked the View/Columns (Account)/Payee?  Be sure to check your "Renaming Rules" to make sure you get the payee name you want based on the "IF" Quicken Name IS and the "Condition".  I hope this helps.
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