Change name of 'Check #' column to 'Transaction Type' and add payment types (Q Mac)

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I seldom write checks anymore, so most of my transactions have nothing to do with check numbers. Instead, I am using online banking, and other methods of payment when in person. So, it would be nice if the Check # column was more versatile. I'd like Quicken to provide a dropdown list with predefined options, and also the option of auto-populating this field using my own terminology when I have previously used a description. I use my bank's nomenclature to describe most transaction types, and sometimes my own as follows:

TRANSACTION TYPE (description)
ATM Withdrawal (cash is withdrawn from account via ATM)
Check # (check is written to payee)
Chip & PIN (debit card is inserted into terminal)
Contactless (Apple Pay/ Android Pay / WiFi credit card transaction)
Deposit (in person deposits at the bank)
Direct Deposit (funds remotely deposited into account from another account)
External Transfer (funds remotely transferred out from one account to another)
Online Payment (bills/invoices paid online from bank to payee)
Payment Sent (funds sent to another account via contactless - e.g. one mobile phone to another)
Remote Deposit (funds deposited into account using remote banking app, or similar transaction)
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  • RickO
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    This is pretty much what the Action column is for (which is sometimes automatically filled on download).
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  • Arrowhead
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    Thanks, that is helpful. The Action column (which I didn't't realize was there) is not obvious. My searching through the online help doesn't clearly define its purpose, and it leaves a lot to be desired. I'll give the Action column a try.