I cannot get Quicken to open. I can't even get a white/blank screen to come up.

I've spoke with Quicken online, Trend Micro online and went in to see Gee Squad but no one can tell me have to solve my issue. I've uninstalled and reinstalled.


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    If Quicken will open while you press the Ctrl key, select File->Backup and Restore->Restore from Backup File....
  • JonJoe
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    it won't open pressing ctrl key
  • Sherlock
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    Are you opening the program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken\qw.exe ?

    Will Quicken open while you press the Ctrl key with Windows booted is Safe Mode ?
  • w4su
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    my quicken program will not open. HELP!
  • UKR
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    w4su said:
    my quicken program will not open. HELP!

    Please try this:

    Reboot Windows.
    Close Quicken (or do not start it at all).
    Use Windows File Explorer to locate and rename your current Quicken data file, for example, if it's called Qdata.QDF rename it to QdataX.QDF
    Usually your file is located in your \Documents\Quicken folder.

    Having done that start Quicken as usual from the Start Menu or Desktop Quicken icon.
    If Quicken cannot find your current data file during startup it should just simply load the program and give you either a nearly blank menu screen or one that has options to start as new user, restore from backup, etc.

    • If you get to this point without Quicken crashing
      • click on File in the Menu bar. Select the Validate function. Select the renamed Quicken data file and see if Quicken can access and repair it.
      • If the data file is beyond repair, try to restore your data file from the most recent Manual or Automatic backup. Go back to restoring successively older backups until you find a file that works
    • If you can't get Quicken to start at all,
      • uninstall Quicken using this procedure:
      • When done, reboot your computer and then reinstall Quicken from  your account at quicken.com or your installation CD or saved downloaded installation file and allow it to update to the latest available patch release level.

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