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I recently sold my house. So I put the proceeds in the checking account and recorded the closing cost as individual items (attorney fees, taxes etc) and transferred these items to a house expense account I have set up. When I go to the house expense account I only see a total amount for these items instead of the detailed amounts I recorded in the original transaction. Any way I can tell the system to show the splits in the house expense account?


  • Tom Young
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    I'm guessing that part of the "offset" to the net check you deposited was a series of transfers, all to the same Account, (that "house expense account" you mention), perhaps with each split line distinguished by notes in the Memo box of "attorney fees, "taxes", etc.
    If that's the case, Quicken's programming is such that you'll only see one net entry into that house expense Account, probably with only the first Memo line showing.  If you want to see individual transfers they must be recorded as such in the checking Account.
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    Thank you for your reply. This is very disappointing as I thought Quicken was supposed to be a sophisticated accounting program. It should not be a big deal to show all entries associated with an account. But you are telling me I should mess up the register with 10~ individual entries when one split transaction should be adequate.
    But then I guess that goes along with the deficiencies in the transaction reports when it will not give a running balance (balance for each line item). I have to copy to Excel to get the information I want.
    Do you know of any accounting software programs that contains simple stuff like this? Quicken is turning out to be a lot of extra unnecessary work.
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    "This is very disappointing as I thought Quicken was supposed to be a sophisticated accounting program."
    Quicken is and always has been a retail-level personal accounting/budgeting/planning program and "sophistication" is in the eye of the user.  To a large extent Quicken's recurring problems have to do with user requests for "features" (sophistication?) that frequently end up damaging something else along the line.  Quicken is old technology and not easily changed.
    To a large extent sophisticated use of the program comes from a good understanding by the user of how the program works, and getting creative with what it can do.  One approach that will achieve what you want is to create a unique Tag for each split; that will line item out each split element in the receiving Account, at the cost of burning 10 individual (maybe "one use") Tags:
    This is from one $150 entry over in the Checking Account.
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    Haven't tried it, but if you turned things around and recorded a transaction with all the Split detail in the House account, transfering each to the Checking account, would that meet your needs? I mean, detail in the House account, summary one-liner in the checking account ...
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    If you want to show the detail lines from the settlement, enter a transfer from the House account to Checking, and then split the transaction in the HOUSE account and add the splits.
    OR, you can add different TAGS to each line item of the settlement, and that will keep them as separate in the receiving account.
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