Strategy or upgrade/migration path for bills and income

Quicken released the new bill paying platform a few months back. To me, and others may feel differently, it is no change from the old platform. It just has a shiny new interface. Consistently having issues receiving bills, paying bills, losing connection to billers, limit of 12 bill pays per month which is ridiculous by the way in todays times, etc. I still have my bank bill pay, so, I am straddling two platforms at this time. I really like the concept of having everything, budget, transactions, and bill pay on one platform. It provides a single pane of glass for me. However, I am losing hope and my patience that anything will ever really change with Bill Pay. My opinion is that is where Quicken really falls short these days and wanted to throw this put there to gauge, is it me or other folks feel the same way. I can just as easily switch back to my bank bill pay, but, not ready, at least not yet
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