Check Pay (printed checks) only show primary account user name

I have noticed that when check pay sends out a check to pay a bill - that the check printed ONLY shows the name of the primary account holder. Could be an issue when I'm paying a bill that has my name (secondary account holder) on it. The recipient may not be able to match it up to properly apply the payment.
Another minor thing is that the check prints account holders name/address/city,state all in lower case (just looks odd - not very professional).


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    Do those checks have your account number with the vendor on them?  That should be all that's necessary.
    I customarily pay my wife's bills ... and with the correct account and amount, no one cares.
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    It's my understanding that Check Pay uses the account name information which you initially set up when activating Bill Manager on your checking account.
    Please go into the Bills, Income & Transfers view.
    Click the gear icon and click Payment Accounts.
    Scroll down to the checking account which is activated for Check Pay.
    Click to select it, then click the Edit button
    You should get this view:
    Does this match what's printed on your Check Pay checks?
    Can you try to squeeze your wife's name into the Name field, provided there's room enough, and see if that works better for you?