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Jeff Stookey
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Unfortunately at this time Quicken Mobile and web does not offer two-factor authentication. WHY NOT? BOA is going to require
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  • This kills quicken for me!
  • Chris_QPW
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    I think the original statement of this request is confusing two different things.
    A user might want two-factor authentication for the mobile/web App so that if someone gets a hold of their device they won't be able to use Quicken Mobile/Web.

    This is different from the two-factor authentication for logging into the financial institution.
    Interesting enough if I'm not mistaken, Bank of America isn't going to require two-factor authentication.

    Bank of America recently switched to Express Web Connect + (Officially known as FDX), which uses a rotating security token for the connection between Intuit (Quicken Inc's aggregator) instead of the username and password.  As such, it is already a very secure connection method that doesn't have the same two-factor authentication requirement that logging in with a web browser does.

    Note that Express Web Connect (without the +) is pretty much like web browser accessing the website and as such has the same two-factor requirements.

    For the Quicken Mac users out there Quicken Connect doesn't have anything in its user interface that shows the difference between these two different connect methods, but it works the same on the backend.
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