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I'm a long time Quicken user and to me one of quicken's huge benefits is the data it can store and being able to use that data to report. That said I have added a couple of items to the "User Defined NUM List" for the Check# field to identify payment methods (CHKCRD & Zelle).

On the HOME tab, or any other tab, the "Banking Account Details" and "Banking Account Activity"  charts will break down activity by the transaction type used in the Check# field EXCEPT it will only use the Quicken default items and not any of the User Defined List Items. Any activity used in the User Defined List is merely listed in those charts as "Other." Why is this?

Furthermore, this field is not usable IN ANY Customizable Quicken Reports or Graphs that I can see.

This is a relatively small ask, I understand, but the lack of reporting using custom Check# lists makes the ability customize such lists kind of pointless.
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  • I would also like to be able to alphabetize the user defined num list items in quicken. If that option exists I have yet to find how to alphabetize user defined num list items in quicken.