Older transactions disappearing

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    I have had very old transactions disappear. I recently spent weeks manually reconciling my checking account back to 2009. I found several seemingly random transactions that were no longer in my Quicken account. I am not sure when transactions started disappearing because I had various "balance adjustments" from failed attempts to reconcile within Quicken. Situations where I just gave up trying to solve the mystery.

    A few days ago and again, today, when I reconciled within Quicken, I needed to use the Excel file I created for the twelve years worth of manual reconciliation to find the missing transactions. Today's problem was a vanished transaction from ten years ago. It vanished during the few days since my previous reconciliation.

    Since I have been using Quicken for decades I have over 10,000 transactions. I have read that there are no size limits on a quicken file other than hardware constraints. Could I have exceeded a previously unknown limit? My data file is stored on my laptop's internal hard drive.
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