National Financial returns a CC-501

Cannot add accounts with National Financial Service - returns a CC-501. I tried to add to the open case (20186486), but I can't get the Quicken CHAT to launch. This has been a problem for 2 months. This is VERY frustrating to be unable to manage accounts - which is the whole purpose for paying an ongoing license for Quicken.


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    Hi @BluIdTi2gr .  First, regarding CHAT:  Check to make sure your Internet settings and/or other security software is not set to block pop ups.  If anything is set to block pop ups then the CHAT dialog will not launch.
    Second,  per the FI List, National Financial Services (NFS) supports only Express Web Connect (EWC). EWC supports linking with banking and credit card accounts, not with investment accounts. CC-501 is an EWC error code and indicates that the FI could not find an applicable banking or credit card account for you.
    So, I am assuming that you are trying to link with investment accounts.  But since NFS does not support DC you will not be able to set up the link with NFS.
    If my assumption is correct, you will be able to set up a manual investment account in Quicken.  Then you can either manually enter all your transactions data in it or, if NFS permits manual downloads in QIF format, you can try downloading it, modifying it, saving the modified file and then importing the modified QIF file.
    There are two ways to modify the QIF file that I know of:
    1. A process I have used in the past that works quite well:  FAQ: How to Import QIF Files Into Non-cash Accounts, post-Q2004.
    2. Download, install and used ImportQIF.  It is a freeware program developed by a long-time Quicken user who posts in this Community forum quite frequently.  I have not used this program myself but others have said that it works well for them.  You can get more information on the program and download it from
    I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R42.21 on Windows 10)