Quicken Bill Manager payment to Wells Fargo Mortgage fails; 2 Factor Authentication?

With all my other payees that Quicken Bill Manager recognizes, Quick Pay seems to work perfectly.

But Quick Pay payments to Wells Fargo Mortgage are a problem.

Last night I twice tried to pay Wells using Quick Pay. Each time I was eventually notified in Quicken that the payment Failed. I now see emails from Quicken that say:

"Quicken was unable to process your payment because the biller login information you provided does not match the information on file at Wells Fargo. Your payment has been canceled. Please go to the Bills & Income tab and correct your Biller login information."

Quicken is wrong, or at least incomplete. I am able to log directly into the Wells website using my credentials just fine. After the 1st payment failure, I re-entered those exact credentials into Quicken Bill Manager by copy & paste, and those credentials have always seemed to work well enough to get the Wells bill information into Quicken Bill Manager. It is only when I attempt to make a payment that I have an issue.

I note that when I log directly into the Wells website that it now texts me a 2 Factor Authentication code as part of this process. Could it be that Quicken Bill Manager is also supposed to prompt me for this, but is not?

I am using the very latest version (R33.24) of Quicken Home Business & Rental Property on a fully patched Windows 10 for Workstation computer.


  • Quicken Paloma
    Quicken Paloma Moderator mod
    Hello @Brent

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community for assistance. I apologize you are having difficulties paying your bill(s). Since the current issue is caused by a discrepancy with the credentials and/or authentication it would be best to reach out to Wells Fargo for further assistance on updating account details. 

    You can also try to edit the password for your online biller, to make sure it matches correctly before attempting to submit another payment. Here is an FAQ article with instructions. 


    Hope this helps. Please let us know. 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • Brent
    Brent Member ✭✭
    Quicken Paloma: thanks for your reply.

    Since I am able to login to the Wells website directly with no issues whatsoever, there is almost nothing that calling Wells will help with, right?

    The issue is with the integration between Quicken and Wells, and that is almost entirely in the hands of Quicken, right?

    Anyone else out there seeing issues with Quicken Bill Manager paying bills via Quick Pay with Wells Fargo?

    The fall back is to give up on Quick Pay and just pay them with Check Pay. But it is a shame to have to use such barbaric technology as checks in this day and age...
  • Quicken Paloma
    Quicken Paloma Moderator mod
    Hello @Brent

    Thank you for responding back. While you are able to sign into your Wells Fargo website directly, it isn't necessarily correlated with the issue of login into Wells Fargo as an online biller through Quicken Bill Manager. They are very distinct so there is merit in contacting Wells Fargo. 

    I apologize for inconvenience of having to use a Check Pay, but that is the temporary work around if a Quick Pay option is unavailable. 

    You can also try to remove the online biller, re-add it as new and validate it. For assistance with this please contact Quicken Support

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Paloma

  • Rogerthuso
    Rogerthuso Member ✭✭
    I am having the same issue with multiple payees. The "two-factor authentication" process seems to be the issue when payments are scheduled into the future with Bill Payor. When I schedule payment directly through my bank, I don't have the issue. Perhaps they are sending a check or using some other method since most credit card payments are to another bank. Quicken is becoming less useful. Besides, the number of "check payments" is limited each month.
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