Do you trust the Bills & Income section of Quicken

I've been using Quicken since transitioning from Managing Your Money. For the most part it's been a great piece of accounting software. 

Over the last year or so, I find that I keep on getting less and less trusting in Quicken's ability to manage the Bill & Income section and all my bank account connections. I always back you my files, sometimes multiple times per day and keep them error free. I always perform a Validate and Repair after a backup. If Validate finds some problems, I will perform an additional backup after the Validate. 

Invariably I keep on getting bank connections (in the Accounts section) that stop working having to Reset Accounts and many time having to Deactivate and then Reactivating. This normally will correct the connection errors and will resume downloading transactions. 

On the Bills and Income section, I many times cannot keep a connection working and will always double and triple check  with my financial institution web site to make sure there is not a payment pending that has not shown up on the B&I section. Connections mysteriously stop working and will force a connection link to be deleted and then re-established. Chase has been a really annoying problem and for some reason will keep on asking for a dual authentication to keep working. 

Tis does not even include the data integrity problems that crop up from time to time. 

As you can imagine, this is very frustrating and is causing me to lose the trust I once had in the software.

Does anyone else have the same feelings? 


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    I know there are frustrated users by simply glancing thru the community posts every now and then (so that perhaps I can offer some helpful tips), but fortunately for me it has worked solid in the past few years and I don't recall ever having to Deactivate or Reset an account.  I rarely get download errors and when it happens, I ignore it and it resolves itself in few days.  My use of the product may be somewhat different from others though as you can see from my signature lines below where I disabled "Sync" and don't use mobile, web and bill pay which have been source of many frustrations.
    Data integrity: My observation has been that "Sync" (to cloud in order to use mobile and web) may be the cause where at times data gets out of sync between platforms.  EDITED: Have you tried Resetting your cloud data?  Preferences > Mobile & Web > Sync=On > "Reset your cloud data".  This article is helpful too.
    Validate: Many of the experienced superusers here recommend not to perform frequent validates.
    Backup: Bravo for backing up frequently.
    Chase: What does Chase online show in the security section?  Mine says the following: "You've set up your Chase accounts so desktop versions of apps like Quicken® or Intuit QuickBooks® can access them directly..." which explains why I don't get the 2FA prompt.
    Bill Pay: Are you using Quicken to pay bills?  This is only my personal view: Why use a 3rd party program who uses yet another 3rd party to pay my bills - introducing potential points of failures?  I only use my bank's bill pay system which is very powerful with many scheduled, recurring and automated features that have never failed me.

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    The new Quicken Bills and Income section is simply a debacle. Like you, I've been using Quicken since converting from Managing Your Money--about thirty years. I've gone from absolutely loving Quicken to its being a constant nuisance. I'm never certain whether bills have been paid without checking my bank's web access frequently, and I hate it that I can't set up recurring payments like I was able to do when Quicken was using Metavante to process its transactions. I've "heard" that Quicken is working on this feature, but so far I've seen nothing.
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    I second (or third) the sentiment regarding frustration with the Bills & Income feature specifically. I generally appreciate the program at large, but I use the Bills & Income just to "forecast" pending bills and watch the cash flow. I use my bank's BillPay to pay most of the bills automatically, receiving notifications of all due and when paid, FLAWLESSLY. The remainder of bill I have debited via the biller directly. So no missed bills. 
    However, I have issues every month with with one or more billers not syncing or presenting incorrect info. 
    Truely, I'm not joking, every month. 
    So, to answer the OP's question, no. don't "trust" the program feature at all. And do not rely on it to pay any bills, ever. 
    It would be a good and useful tool if it were more reliable. 
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