Why is Quicken still not reliable?

I have been using Quicken for about 25 years and the current version has more issues than any other version I have ever used. What problems have I been having?

1. Still cannot get bills from State Farm. Quicken claims that State Farm doesn't allow access from outside organizations. I bank notifies me every month of new renewals with no problems, why can't Quicken?

2. I cannot remember the last time all my bills, other than State Farm, were all pulled down accurately for the complete month. I don't get bills from AT&T, my local power company, ViaSat, or T-Mobile, I used to have a few more bills that never seemed to work so I finally removed them from the list. So far this month I have not been able to get any online bills.

3. I have 2 Citi accounts. The PDF downloads seem to have stopped and are no longer available.

4. About every other software update causes some kind of a problem. The one last month really hurt. It messed up several accounts. The beginning balances were changed on some. Some also had bogus transactions that were from another account. I went to a backup that preceded the update but still have problems. Finally I was able to use a backup that was about 2 weeks old. It worked fairly well but I still found a few problems with transfers between accounts but I was able to get them all cleared up after a few days of operations.

5. Why are fixes needed every month?

Please Quicken stop adding new stuff until you can get the program fixed.

Thank you.


  • BK
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    1&2: Bill pay seems to be one of Quicken's biggest challenges since there seem to be more than one 3rd party entity involved in the middle which create more potential points of failures.  So an issue may be not with Quicken but with their 3rd party billing vendor.  And you very eloquently identified the solution when you wrote "bank notifies me every month of new renewals with no problems".  So if you are having problems, using your bank's bill pay system which are typically robust and feature rich may be a good alternative.
    Sometimes the companies that issue bills are inconsistently source of the problem for variety of reasons and no one can fix that but themselves.  I have personally experienced this, where the detailed review of the downloaded bill from my insurance company was incorrect 60% of times and didn't match the correct online statement!
    4: Suggestion: Consider reviewing this community and see what people have to say about a specific new update before deciding to update.  Save the Mondo patch for your current "happy" version so that you can easily revert back in case you are not happy with the new update.  Some users update only once a quarter or even longer.
    5: Almost every program and operating system we have on our computers and mobile devices issue regular weekly updates to include bug fixes, security updates and improvements - and often during that process they introduce side effects leading to this vicious cycle.
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    I agree. The latest "fix" was applied & now I get the constant "A schedule update is currently..." message. Shut down Quicken through Task Manager, restarted computer, etc. but no change. This is not the first time a fix has caused problems. Who's in charge of quality control? Who releases these constantly buggy fixes?
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