two sets of credentials for account in the vault

Quicken vault shows two sets of credentials for my credit union account. One set is correct the other set is absolute garbage. No idea where that credential set came from as the username is not anything I recognize -- not an email address, not a username in a format I might typically use, not an account number (or partial number) -- just a random sequence of five numbers. The other credential set is correct.

Quicken seems to be trying to update the account using the incorrect credential set because I receive the incorrect login message. The password vault itself does not allow me to delete this incorrect second credential set.

A point of clarification is only one credit union account is listed in the vault and under that entry are two credential sets.

How do I delete this incorrect credential set?


  • NotACPA
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    Try TOOLS, Password Vault, Add or Edit passwords ... and simply delete the password associated with the incorrect login.
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  • Tim7500
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    As I explained in my initial question, the vault will not allow me to delete the incorrect entry. The delete password button is greyed out.
  • Chris_QPW
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    It sounds to me that the Password Vault got corrupted somehow.  You might have to delete it and recreate it.
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