Why is there a difference between real balance and the results in reports:banking cash flow?

I use the Quicke starter 33.7 version Canada with win-10.
Each time i ask for a report in cash flow, appears a difference between my Quicken journal and the result.
Also, each time I ask for a reconcile with my banking trnsactions downloadded, I have to make an adjustment. It was not so in 2020 version and older.


  • Mattersnot
    Mattersnot Member ✭✭
    I'm having similar problems. Bank balance $1,763.91. Quicken balance $1,963.91. Ran report - $1,963.91. Created a spreadsheet which mirrored the report - Balance $1,963.91, BUT if I use the bank method = Beginning balance + deposits - checks and deductions the result is $1,763.91 AND the Total of deductions and credits on the spreadsheet match the numbers on the bank statement. Makes no sense at all! Quicken needs to use the same method as the bank statements.
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