Chase Quick Pay fails every time

Every time I set up a Chase QuickPay scheduled check payment it will fail telling me that the biller requires an Authentication number. I also always have to reset the Chase biller every time I want to check for invoices by deleting the Biller and re-establishing the connection using the Authentication number that Chase will send..

This is really getting old!... The Bills & Income tab is just about worthless. Too many problems too many errors and just a waste of time. I constantly have to check on the Biller web site to verify if any payment is requested. 

Quicken... Can someone please fix this problem! 


  • Ps56k2
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    I have setup my Reminders for manual bills - and use the actual Chase bill paying feature to link with Quicken....
    Just like with the Chase website, and their bill payment feature - you can link Quicken directly with Chase and use that feature directly from within Quicken.

    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
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