What's Happening in the Quicken Community - July '21 Edition

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Posting in the Quicken Community - Tips & Best Practices
By Quicken Francisco

Sharing a post in the community can help to find new information, troubleshooting steps, or even best practices for working in Quicken.
When posting, adding additional details, like the "what, when or where" will help others understand better what is happening and can lead to a more quick resolution without an extensive back and forth Q&A session.

What is the issue?
Details that explain what is happening, in what area of Quicken and including any error codes or messages that you may have received is essential for others to clearly understand what the issue is and provide helpful, relevant, and timely responses.

What steps have you tried so far?
Providing a brief explanation of the troubleshooting steps, Help Article URL's or processes followed that you may have already tried will help to narrow down what the issue is and the best next steps, while preventing others from recommending already performed troubleshooting.

When did this start happening?
Providing the timeframe, such as if an issue just started or has been happening for a while, if any changes recently happened in your system, etc., all help to narrow down the possible root cause of a specific issue or behavior and the next steps forward.

Where did this issue happen?
Knowing where an issue is occurring in Quicken can determine what steps or processes to follow when attempting to diagnose, reproduce or confirm data file vs. product issues. 

Other helpful information to add
New releases and product changes can happen fast in Quicken, so it's important to include what version and release of Quicken you are using, if Quicken for Windows or Mac, or if the issue is in the companion Quicken for Mobile and Web apps.

If receiving an error when attempting to add or update accounts, be sure to include what connection method is being used when connecting with the financial institution.
Images can speak a thousand words, including screenshots (with personal or sensitive information excluded) is always recommended.  Screenshots provide an exact view of the problem and can often lead to a faster resolution.

There are a lot of different details that can help when troubleshooting or investigating a problem and the more info provided helps all of us to better understand, work-through and resolve frustrating pain points, errors, or problems.

What's New in Quicken
Quicken Windows (US) R34
  • New: The delivery status of Check Pay payments will now appear on the Dashboard when there is a delivery date available. 
  • New: Added option to Pay with Check Pay to online bills.
  • New: Added the ability in Check Pay to mark Favorite billers and to use Favorite as a filter for billers that are set up for Check Pay. 
  • Improved: Copy and Backup File support has been updated to prevent connection problems.
Using a copy of a Quicken file that contains connected accounts, syncs to the cloud, or uses services such as Bill Presentment or Quicken Bill Manager can cause problems if you perform certain connected actions in the file copy and then switch back to using the original file. To prevent these issues, using the Copy command in Quicken will now create a copy that has all the online services disconnected. This is useful when creating an archive file you don’t intend to update in the future via download, or when you’d like to use the new file as a “template” or starting point for a new, separate Quicken file. 
If you only want to create a copy of your file for troubleshooting purposes or to experiment with a new feature, you can also make a copy, then reconnect any accounts you need, and proceed to use the copy.
If you want to make a complete Backup of your file to possibly restore in the future, use the Backup option instead. A backup will not have connected services disabled when you open the backup via the Restore Backup feature.
Please review this help document if you have questions.

Quicken Mac v.6.2.2
  • Improved the reconcile screen by including the previous reconciliation ending balance and date. A number of people missed seeing the previous balance.
  • Fixed an issue in the reconcile screen where switching from a statement to an online balance reconcile would incorrectly set the ending date.
  • Normalized exceptionally wide column widths in the comparison report and edit budget screen.
  • Stopped displaying an unnecessary “an unexpected error occurred” warning when updating accounts.
To see the full release notes, open Quicken and go to Help > Release Notes.