Chase CC - connects successfully, sees online balance, but no transactions download

The web express connect option on my Chase credit card account has stopped downloading transactions as of 5/26/21. It connects successfully without any error messages, and shows the correct online balance, but doesn't download any transactions. I've validated/repaired my file multiple times and have reset the online connection, but still having the issue.


  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @Alex S

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues updating your Chase CC. It sounds like we may need to deactivate and relink the account to see if we're able to get connectivity again. This is a bit different that reactivating the account as you'll be adding it as if it were a new account but relinking to your existing one. I'll leave steps down below on how to do so.

     First we'll try deactivating all of the accounts for the affected FI. You can do so by following the article listed down below.

    Once all the accounts are deactivated go ahead and follow the article here on reconnecting the accounts.

    Once you get a chance to try these steps, please let us know what you find.  From there we'll better understand our next steps/options.


    Quicken Francisco