On Web Version: Entries and Deposits Out of Order

On the Web version of Quicken the Dates are Ascending and the Transactions (Check #'s) are descending (or vice-versa if you toggle the date) with the deposit listed at the end of the day causing my running balance to be wildly off. I work from home part of the time and the reason for using this software was the ability to access it from multiple locations but the data is no longer reliable. I have spent hours on the phone with Quicken support and they finally said that this is "just the way it is now, following a recent update" which I find to be completely unacceptable. I was told that on the web version, that most people are only concerned with the ending balance being correct- this cannot possibly be true!

When using the desktop version, my transactions are in the order they are supposed to be and the running balance is spot-on. With the help of technical support, we have cleared files and re-synced, we have toggled the date over and over. Finally today, the gentleman I spoke with looked at his account and realized his is the same way: correct on the desktop, but completely backwards on the web. These should be a mirror of each other, correct? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello @ElizabethYHMGW

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the on the web version. Thank you for letting us know the troubleshooting and steps you've taken to try correcting the issue. I'd like if we were able to submit this information to the mobile team so they're able to take a look at it. When you're on Quicken on the web in the bottom right you should see a feedback button that will bring up a pop up that should allow you to submit information to the mobile team. You can also include a screenshot of the issue so they see exactly what you're seeing.

    The feedback submitted does not have a line of communication but it does give us the information to figure out what could be happening. If you have any questions please let us know.


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