New Wells Fargo Online Biller Issue

I have several threads about Online Biller issues both before and after the Update to R34.16

This is new.

Since the update to R34.16 I am not getting new bills unless I wait until I suspect the bill is ready and Refresh Biller. Now with two billers for this month this has worked, but is a problem in itself. No other bills should yet have a bill ready except my Wells Fargo Credit Card.

I attempted to Refresh my Wells Credit card, and Quicken wanted me to re-authenticate! When I tried it fails with Wrong Login or Wrong Password. Not true. I get all my accounts updated in Quicken with OSU using the same login and password, just cannot re-authenticate the biller.

Tried adding Wells Credit Card to my "test" data file with same errors.

Able to login to Wells web site and/or phone app no issue.

This is getting so tiresome :(



  • Bob.
    Bob. Member ✭✭✭✭
    OK, after MANY tries, oddly enough I finally authenticated the credit card with Wells. On the next OSU it picked up the bill due. So somehow this righted itself. I was confident it was a Wells issue and glad to see its fixed.

    Makes me a little more cautious using Refresh Biller, and still does not populate the "Last Payment" column which has been an issue for me since the R34.16 update. But it seems to work again.

    And speaking of issues since R34.16, I have had to refresh bills so far this month to get them, which is how this Wells issue began. I am hoping that does not continue throughout the month but will update my topic on the last payment issue.