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Seems new terminology is always cropping up. For example: "Sanitize file." What the heck does that mean? What does it do? If you could publish a glossary of terms with definitions and explanations of what they do, etc. it would help many of us not computer geeks to understand how to use features of the Quicken app more affectively and easier. Thanks!
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    Yep me too. I asked what a Mondo Patch really is, how does it differ from a regular update. Asked the question and no one answered, not even a Moderator.
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    Since you mentioned Sanitized, I thought I would just define it for you.

    It is also found on the "Report a problem..." dialog.

    What it does is changes information in your file to random text, and removes connections/user information for online accounts, so that file can be submitted to Quicken Inc without fear of your personal information "leaking out".  It is used when they are trying to debug a problem that really requires your data file to reproduce the problem.

    It produces a .zip file, which you can open to get extract out the .QDF file.

    Looks like this when opened.

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    Quicken's user resources are spread across a variety of support web pages which are unfortunately not always cohesive and easy to search, and I fear adding a "glossary of terminology" will get lost in the sprawl. Instead, I'd suggest that all Quicken-related technology terms be defined in Quicken Help which is available from within the program. Whether there's a separate "glossary of terms" page, or just an effort to make sure all the tech terms are defined somewhere so they come up in a search, I think that would be the best place for this. (And, I'll note, that searching "sanitize" currently comes up with no matches in Quicken Windows or Quicken Mac Help — making the case for such a need. Heck, there's no Help page for Report a Problem at all, which seems an important omission.)

    There isn't a clear best way to report/suggest changes to Quicken Help files, but I'd think using Report a Problem to mention a term which is not defined in the online Help would, hopefully, get to the correct team at Quicken to hopefully add it.
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