One Step Update Error: Wells Fargo - OL-301A



  • loridow
    loridow Member
    Daily updates to my most utilized checking account through Wells Fargo is the main reason I use Quicken at all. At a minimum there should be an ETA for resolution and better communication about what is going on.
    RRANJ Member
    Well, back to the good news/bad news routine...

    Was working 07/14 @ 8am EDT. Just tried it at 07/14 @ 2pm EDT, and it's NOT working again. Was nice while it lasted.
  • Slick8791
    Slick8791 Member ✭✭
    > @Slick8791 said:
    > [removed - rant/unhelpful]

    Just because you removed it doesn't mean it wasn't true and accurate.
  • gcburke
    gcburke Member ✭✭
    It worked when I just got home and downloaded transactions. 15 minutes later it stopped working and got the same error message when I tried to schedule an online payment.
  • gcburke
    gcburke Member ✭✭
    It is intermittent. Kept on sending the request. Got error message 3 times in a row and went through on the 4th try.
  • TimberTim
    TimberTim Member
    It worked again for me (see previous comments). I assume it will eventually reliably work. WF is my most active set of accounts, so this functionality is pretty important to me.

    Just keep trying...
  • Godmode1028
    Godmode1028 Member
    as of this morning all WF accounts updated. This is the first successful update in about a week.
  • It has been working for me correctly the past 2 days.
  • arna.perry
    arna.perry Member ✭✭
    I have been the same problem with multiple billing areas - Synchrony/Amazon, El Dorado Irrigation (that one is because they changed their website and I can't delete the billing because Quicken thinks there is something pending), Wells Fargo, CitiBank, Chase. I'm getting very frustrated.