Why do some accounts always fail to Cloud Sync?

About five days ago I set up my 14 accounts in Quicken. Five of those accounts will not sync to to the cloud ("Accounts for Mobile & Web") when I select those accounts to sync and click "Update Accounts".

I always get the same error message: "A connection to your financial institution could not be established. Please try again later. To continue without this financial institution for now, deselect the account(s) and try again. You can fix the issue and then add the account(s) again later."

I also see a red error message at the top of the account selection window that says "Error setting up accounts from [Financial Institution] ... Error: CC-581".

Four of the accounts are with a local bank, so I didn't have high hopes for those working well with Quicken, but one of the accounts is Discover Card, and that's a massive financial institution, so I definitely expected it to work for all features of Quicken.

All five of the accounts are connected via "Direct Connect" rather than "Express Web Connect", though I have examples of other Direct Connect accounts working just fine when trying to sync to Quicken Cloud.

Any advice? I tried creating a new Quicken file and adding the accounts again and had the same issue with the new Quicken file. I also tried "Reset your cloud data" under Preferences > Mobile & Web > Troubleshooting.

Sigh... This is impacting my ability to use Quicken because it is preventing me from seeing my two most important accounts (credit card and checking account) through the mobile or web apps. Any help is appreciated. :smile:


  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @Mary12345

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having issues syncing your account to your mobile device. Since you are getting a CC-581 error I would recommend following the troubleshooting steps from this link.  

    Additionally could you please attempt to switch the connection to EWC? After you have attempted this could you let us know what the outcome was. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
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