Reconcile an Account uses incorrect balance

When Quicken goes to reconcile my checking account, it uses the current (up-to-the-minute) bank balance, but it does not pull-in the current day's transactions (which factor into the current bank balance). The result is that reconciliation screen always tells me that my Quicken register is off (by an amount equal to the sum of the current day's transactions). What can I do to fix this issue?


  • Chris_QPW
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    It sounds like for that account you are getting the pending transactions in the balance, but not downloaded.  Pending transactions shouldn't be downloaded because there is no way in Quicken to reverse them if they don't go through.  So that part is right, but it seems that isn't carrying through properly for the balance.  Since there isn't any way you can control this your only options would be to stop reconciling to the online balance, or wait till a time where there aren't any pending transactions.

    Note for Direct Connect the online balance comes directly from the financial institution and only they can fix it.  For Express Web Connect the Intuit servers (which Quicken Inc pays for the service) log into the financial institution's web site and gets the information with an "agreed upon method".  So in this case it hard to say if the problem is "who's fault it is".  Only Quicken support can contact these parties to get them to work to get that problem fixed.
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