There are no uncleared items to reconcile

Only when downloading banking transaction, I will get a message that says: "There are no uncleared items to reconcile" when the items show as cleared but NOT reconciled. I figured out a solution, that is clugy but works.

I went to each bank account (5 total) and did a manual download and then did the reconciliation of the account. Clugy but it works.


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    not following...there are 3 situations in Quicken: 1) blank: transactions in Quicken that are not in the Bank, 2) cleared: transactions that are both in the bank and Quicken, but not reconciled, 3) reconciled: the banks account and Quicken have been reconciled

    if you are posting transactions in Quicken and then download your Bank transactions that create a match in Quicken, that is going to be #2: cleared transactions.  Once you do an official reconciliation, that 'c' will turn to an "R". 

  • Mark G.
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    One Step update is run on all of my accounts. Several Invesment accounts and 5 seperate Bank accounts. All of the transactions download to the correct register. They ALL show up as (C) cleared. In the BANK account only, when I try to reconcile the acccount, the message comes up that there are There are no uncleared items to reconcile, when in fact, they are cleared (i.e. match the bank transactions from the bank) but NOT reconciled. Folllow now?
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    in the BANK transaction register, there is a column called 'CLR' - do you have 'c' or 'R' in that column related to the transactions in question? Respond to the question AFTER you have attempted to reconcile the account. 

    open the Account Details dialog box.  Click the Online Services tab. At the bottom right there is a check box called "reconcile using online balance".  if that checked or unchecked? 
  • Mark G.
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    On line balance is checked. It has worked very well until the last update.
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    Mark G. said:
    On line balance is checked. It has worked very well until the last update.
    The important part here is if the online balance (and the date that comes with it) really did get updated since that is what you are reconciling to.  If that date is in the past then it doesn't matter if there are cleared transactions after it in the register.

    If you turn off reconciling to the online and then start the reconcile again the dialog will have the online date and balance in it that are being used.
    You can turn off reconciling to the online balance by going to the Online Services tab on the Account Details.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    This problem occurred to me for the first time today (and I generally do One Step Update daily, including reconciling accounts). Today, after accepting all the new transactions, I got the message that there were no uncleared items to reconcile for every account that had new transactions (bank, credit cards, etc).

    However, this is not the case.

    I do note that this happened right after an update to the Quicken software.

    Using Quicken Deluxe, Version R35.31 Build ... Windows 10 Hone.

    Incidentally, I also "validated" the file, just to see if that had any impact. It did not change anything.
  • Mark G.
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    The only way that I have been able to resolove this is to log into each of my bank accounts and download the transactions. This is just not very effecient, especially since it worked well until the most recent updates. Booo!
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    Thank you Mark G. That works!
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    I have the same issue.. really poor update.. the auto-reconcile no longer works..
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    Hello @renoda,

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