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As I move my mouse up & down selecting different accounts, Quicken shows a grey highlight bar as the mouse hovers. However, this is only really effective if you are moving your mouse really, really slowly.

If you move the mouse quickly, the grey highlight struggles to catch up. And you have to watch & wait while the program highlights every account between the where you are, and the account you want to view.

And you have to wait! I tested this. I moved the mouse, selecting a different account, and the account would not display until the highlight animation caught up. This is very annoying and wastes my time.

Thank you.
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    @Clinton I can see what you're saying, but the delay on my Mac is pretty minimal, and only really noticeable when I quickly move from near the top to near the bottom of the sidebar (or visa versa) quickly. (I'm on a 2019 iMac running macOS Mojave.) By the time I can double-click on an account, it has caught up. 

    Two suggestions:
    (1) make sure you don't have any additional Quicken windows open hiding behind the main window.
    (2) instead of dragging your mouse up or down the sidebar move your mouse outside the sidebar (e.g., to the left if you're not against the left edge of your screen, or to the right over the left side of the register or portfolio side of the screen). 
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  • I agree, please just remove this. It's just an annoying flicker, it doesn't add any useful information to the list.