Code Business and Rent Transactions Properly

First let me note that I have used Quicken since Windows 95 and am more knowledgeable than most of your help desk staff so please take this suggestion seriously. I use the most recent version of Quicken for Home and Business. I would think that your most loyal and profitable customers should be people with somewhat complicated finances who are heavily invested in continuing to use Quicken year after year, but those are the ones you have driven away over time due to one stupid missing feature. I feel like I am the last of the Mohicans in continually pointing this out. PLEASE KEEP THE AUTO CODING OF BUSINESS, RENTAL AND PERSONAL EXPENSES DISTINCT THROUGH ONE EASY UPDATE TO YOUR PRODUCT.

Example: I get a transaction from the Electric Company and want to have an automatic coding of the memorized transaction. It is simple. If it is being paid out of my business account, it is a business expense. If it is being paid from one of my property rental accounts, it is for that property. If it is being paid from my personal checking account, it is for my home. All you have to do is ask when memorizing a transaction "Make memorized transaction specific to this account? [Yes] [No]. See how simple that is. Otherwise, I spend huge amounts of time changing transactions between various rental accounts, business and personal. Other examples: If I buy gas or food with my business card, please let the transactions coded for those vendors use the memorized 'Business Gas' code while purchasing from the same vendor with a personal card would allow me to assign it to a personal expense. If I always drive the Ford and my wife drives the Mazda, then when I purchase gas with my credit card, it should go to 'Ford Gas' while the expenditure from my wife's card would go to 'Mazda Gas'. There are huge numbers of these for people that have involved expenses dealing with utilities such as water, gas, cable, telephone, electricity, internet, hardware store purchases, retail purchases for furniture, linens, light bulbs, rugs, computer equipment, appliances. I can go on and on. Note that if a person answers 'NO' to memorizing the transaction specific to the account, then the memorized vendor transaction can continue to be universal across all accounts. You can even make that the default.

I have been told before that when you poll your users, this item does not come up with a priority. Duh, you have already driven away the users that would count the most here. If you ever expect to earn a new crop of more involved, loyal users back again, you have to make the product useful to us. I can't tell you the number of useless, exasperating hours I spend changing transactions from this rental unit to that rental unit or to business or to personal. The same is true for things like Finance charges, banking transaction fees, etc. Its so simple, If the banking fee is being assessed on my business account, it is a business expense. If it is being assessed on one of my rental accounts, it is an expense for that rental unit, etc. etc. even if the Payee field just says Finance Charge. I do sometimes miss this misclassifications and spend useless time finding personal expenses in my business and visa versa. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start making life with your product just a little more tolerable for us higher end users. Do we not count?
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