Citibank rejecting Online Payments via Quick Pay

I have found that Citibank irregularly rejects Online Bill Payments, wanting me to verify my identity by getting a code via text, end entering that into Quicken. The problem becomes acute when I pay bills before leaving town, scheduling the payment dates to arrive when needed. Quicken submits the payment transaction on the date requested, and Citibank rejects it, wanting the aforementioned code entered.

Other than paying early OR skipping Quicken for payments to Citibank, what can be done in Quicken to avoid this issue? I've called Citibank, and their tech support staff Said they have no visibility into interactions with third party apps. This is apparently SOP for their online interactions.

I've been using Quicken with Billpay since the early 2000's. This was never a problem with the old Online Billpay service; it is a new "feature" with Quicken's QuickPay replacement for the old Billpay.

To compound the issue, Quicken continues to report "Payment Successful" in the status field when an update is requested, despite having warned me when I first opened Quicken on my return that the payment did not go through. I guess this makes this question both a query and a bug report.
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