Add a "Today" button next to the Calendar in the Payment Entry Screen [edited]

This may have been asked for already, but it would be great to have a "Today" button next to the calendar button on the bottom date field in the payment entry screen. Currently, you click on the calendar button and then there's a calendar popup with a Today button at the bottom. Having this directly on the entry screen next to the calendar button would save a mouse click for every bill payment action which adds up. There's plenty of screen real estate for this, hopeful that this will be considered and implemented in a future update.
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    Almost all Date fields in Quicken can be manipulated with keyboard shortcuts, without the need to go to the calendar popup.

    Date keyboard shortcuts

    Assuming today's date, May 7th, 2020, is shown in the date field and you are using standard US - style dates (this may not work with other date formats) ...

    • "+" advances the date by 1 day
    • "-" subtracts 1 day from the date
    • "t" inputs Today's date, 5/7/2020
    • Typing 0501 gives 5/1/2020 (always type it with leading zeros for month and day, no slashes)
    • Typing 123019 gives 12/30/2019 (no slashes required)
    • Typing 12011999 gives 12/01/1999 (again, no slashes required)
    • "m" gives the first day of the month
    • "h" gives the last day of the month
    • "y" gives the 1st of January of the year
    • "r" gives the 31st of December of the year
    • "w" gives this week's Sunday, 5/3
    • "k" gives this week's Saturday, 5/9
    • typing the same letter again advances to the next / prior interval, e.g. "ww" = 4/26/2020
    • combine multiple keystrokes to get the desired date, e.g., "m-" results in 4/30/2020 (m = 5/1. - = 4/30)

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