Looks like brokerage transactions are not being sent in QFX/direct connect from First Clearing LLC

First Clearing (uses Wells Fargo) brokerage TRANSACTIONS are not downloading since 7/2. Yes I have double checked settings and even setup a new quicken account for just First Clearing LLC. I've also manually downloaded the QFX from their website and looked inside and there are NO transactions (buys/sells, etc.) since 7/2. I know that there are reports for Wells Fargo Bank of big troubles. Is anyone from Quicken able to confirm and are you actively working with First Clearing to fix? ETA of FIX?


  • digitalmediaphile
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    Hello? Anyone from the Quicken team have a response? The direct connect does not bring down buys/sells. The QFX file that I downloaded manually and looked inside does NOT have the July buys and sells. I have spent hours on the phone with their online support and have gotten nowhere. Are there any other reports of this?
  • Ptw
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    I’m having the same problem which I just determined. My data file which goes back many years is a real mess and I’m not sure how to dig myself out. Need some help Quicken.