Capital One 360 keeps asking me to authorize account



  • petegkc
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    After I reset all my CapOne accounts, got things sort of working I am not getting the 501 error again. [Removed-Disruptove]
  • GW123
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    Ten days later, it still doesn't work. Validated file, then deactivated, unlinked accounts from Capital One and attempted reactivation. Still got CC-501 error for the bank account. The credit card account was reactivated but downloaded some incorrect transactions and it messed up the balance.
  • Frank5
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    I've been having the same set of problems trying to update my Capital One accounts.  I've tried all of the solutions more than once.  I'm very familiar with Quicken and the various manipulations that are sometimes necessary to correct an online download problem.  To date, my problems persist; I'm stuck in an endless loop trying to reauthorize my accounts without it finally working.  My current error message is CC800.

    Any ideas??
  • Jejagua
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    None of the identified steps work for me to get Capital One working on my existing Quicken file. Only adding the acct to a new Quicken file works. My solution is to keep the card balance at zero.
  • JFD
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    Same or similar problem that started two days ago. I've gone through the reauthorization for Capital One several times, I get an email from Capital One that says "You linked your Capital One® account(s) to Quicken. To manage the data you’re sharing or unlink any of your connected" But Quicken tells me "Invalid credential for account(s)."
  • I have the same issue with my Credit card. I tried reauthorization several times. One time it recreated my credit card account and now I have two credit logs for the same card. I called Capital One and we tried to fix but to no avail.
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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: UPDATED 10/26/21 Capital One CC-901/501 or Prompt to Re-Authorize Accounts
  • kevinp
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    Today, I did this at least three times:
    a) Deactivated my Capital One accounts in Quicken.
    b) Exited Quicken, made a backup copy (thanks heavens).
    c) Reauthorized again.
    d) Instead of giving me the option to link the Capital One accounts to my existing Quicken registers, Quicken went ahead and created new accounts altogether and downloaded the transactions in them instead of my existing accounts!

    I wasted 2 hrs screwing around with this. Does anyone have an address for Accounts Payable at Quicken? I want to send them a bill for 2 hrs of wasted time at my normal hourly rate.
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