HP Scanner scanning receipts only in full page mode.

I have a new HP Scanner Office jet Pro 9025e that I use with Quicken Premier R34.24 Build When I used to have my old HP 8600 I could scan using the "Preview" selection in the dialog which would detect the edges then select "Scan" and the receipt image would attach to the transaction. Now the "Preview" appears to work but the "Scan" function does not transfer the image. It just dies and returns to the full screen. Subsequent scans will not work. It will scan in full page mode and attach ok.

Ideas would be appreciated. I have already tried the "File operations, reset printer settings" without success.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I still use and love my 8600 OfficeJet. I will be heartbroken when it finally passes away.
    At some point, HP updated their scanning software and, in my humble opinion, broke it. The old "HP Scan" software worked fine. Then along came the upstart "HP Scan and Capture", which replaced it. I never found this application to work very well. I was able to uninstall it and reinstall HP Scan and I'm a happy user again.
    Maybe that would work for you as well?
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  • Smokey Joe
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    So I am using what comes up when I execute the "attach" from a scanner. I never changed any of the HP software that I am aware of. MY old 8600 was at least 15 years old but I couldn't justify replacing the printhead when the new one cost just a little more than the printhead.
  • Smokey Joe
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    An update: The problem is still there. I can get a couple of scans in full screen mode (Not in edge detection mode) but then the Quicken program locks up the computer. A look at the task manager shows everything seems to be ok but the Quicken program is frozen. I kill the program with task manager and reboot and everything seems to work ok again. Once in a while I can use the "HP Smart" program to scan something and that apparently resets the error and Quicken can then scan again. Once in while I get a message window saying that the scanner is being run another program but that is not often.

    Perhaps the problem lies between HP Smart and Quicken? The so called "edge detection" feature in HP Smart is difficult to handle or I would use it and forget quicken.

    So I am at nowhere with this.