Trying to cloud enable USAA accounts - Error CC-501

If there is a better site \ way to me to post this, please let me know.  For example, what is the official method to send this to Quicken management ?

I am using windows 10 Windows 10 Pro (version 21H1 Build 19043.1110 64 bit) & Quicken Premier R34.24.  I've been using Quicken in Germany for over 20 years, and Quicken Mobile since at least March 2020.  Starting around Feb 2021, problems downloading transactions occurred; those have been fixed.  Starting this month, only 2 of my 3 USAA accounts were cloud enabled.  The 3rd would not get enabled so I called USAA, did some troubleshooting, unfortunately none worked so USAA transferred me to Quicken.  I spoke to a man who created ticket 8717762.  Nothing we tried worked.  I looked at my quicken desktop today and saw that none of the 3 USAA accounts were cloud enabled.  I tried to do so, but received error CC501.  Since I had not received any update, I did an online chat with Marvin today at 5:57 pm (central European time - Germany).  Marvin said the ticket had not been updated, so I had to reexplain my situation.  I posted new logs online; Marvin (and his team) reviewed them and said quicken is not designed to work outside US or Canada, referring to  When I again stated that I've been using it in Germany for over 20 yrs (and mobile since at least Mar 202, Marvin just repeated the same, even saying "Unfortunately quicken has never worked perfectly in foreign countries" and "you will encounter issues because it is not designed for foreign countries".  Note that my other accounts (IE Schwab) are cloud enabled.  I asked Marvin several times: what has changed ?  I never received an answer.  I can't believe that I am the only Quicken\USAA user in Germany (even though there are a lot less military stationed here).

after 40 minutes of chatting, I had to leave.

An hour later, I just tried again (without VPN) to cloud enable 1 USAA account: Error CC-501: A connection to your financial institution could not be established...".  Tried again (with VPN) and received exactly the same error.

Who can I contact to work on this ?

Marvin's statements (and are vague and not totally correct, at least in my opinion.  Quicken for Windows (still) supports foreign currencies, even though the Mobile App currently does not.  And I could run Quicken for Windows without doing anything on-line.


  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    Hello @rich,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this and for the negative experience you had with your interaction with support.

    To start with, if you haven't already, please take a moment review and follow the error-specific troubleshooting instructions found in this support article regarding error CC-501 with Mobile Sync.

    Let us know how it goes! 
    -Quicken Anja
  • rich
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    Anja - I have either (many times) tried those steps in the support article or they don't apply.  Do you have any further comments ?