Ally Bank - always wants to "add new accounts"

All year, every time I update Ally it sends me to add accounts and I have to do an authentication to continue with the update. 6 months ago I walked through this with support and they said there was no way to fix it other than starting fresh with a new quicken file. As if it would be an option to get rid of years of history. Just wondered if there were any updates on this front in the past few months.


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    Hi @Cindi Anderson

    Sorry to her you are having issues with Ally bank downloads.

    A few of questions:

    • Which versions of Quicken and Windows are you running?
    • What method are you using to connect with Ally (Direct Connect, Express Web Connect, or Web Connect)?
    • I understand the reluctance to start "fresh with a new quicken file", however - given the advice that you previously received from Q Support - have you ever tried setting up a new Quicken file and added only that one bank account to it, just to see if that might work? 
    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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  • Cindi Anderson
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    Hmmm, we did a bunch of troubleshooting and I can't remember if we did that or not.
    I'm using Direct Web Connect. Latest version of Quicken for Windows 10. (At the time this started was on deluxe but currently on basic.)
    I will try what you suggest and let you know.
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