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Quicken recently changed it's back up to it's cloud. I now have duplicate credit card accounts identified with _2, _2_2, etc. Some have amounts that come from who knows where. Even though I was deleting them, they reappeared the next day after I downloaded transactions to my accounts. I have deleted these accounts from being synchronized and hope that solves this issue.


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    For the record, Quicken does not provide a "cloud" backup.  They do provide space in Dropbox, but that is not part of Quicken and is completely separate from Quicken.
    You need to describe your situation differently because it can not be due to "New Cloud Backup".
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    This doesn't sound like "cloud backup" it sounds like Sync to Mobile/Web, which is a partial copy of your data file with what is needed for Mobile/Web support.

    In general when people run into strange problems like yours the suggestion is to try to reset you "cloud data account" to get it back in sync with your Quicken data file.
    Edit -> Preferences -> Mobile & Web -> Reset your cloud data
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    sherylgip said:
    Quicken recently changed it's back up to it's cloud.
    nope - the Quicken Cloud is just for sharing some of your selected accounts for viewing with the Mobile App or website.
    You might clarify what might be causing your duplicate accounts ?
    Have you enabled the SYNC and have selected certain accounts for sharing to the Mobile and Website ?
    What else might be going on - are you using the Mobile App - how.... what about Quicken on the Web - how ..
    Sometimes things get confused between multiple inputs, along with making copies of the Quicken QDF data file.

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