Almost unusable performance using Quicken

I have be a Quicken user since the mid 80's. Until recently I have had very little issues with it. However, for the last year or so the performance has degraded significantly. For example, when trying to reconcile my checking account I have to wait approximately 5 to 10 seconds for Quicken to respond to an acceptance of a transaction. So if I have 15 to 20 transactions for that month, it may take 15 to 20 minutes for me to complete the reconciliation. Also, while waiting for the acceptance, the screen may switch back to the register for a second or two then go back to the reconciliation screen. I have also noticed similar activities while using the check register. When I make an entry in the register and select enter, the screen will appear to hesitate for several seconds before recognizing and recording the transaction. This behavior may occur several times. I am currently running the latest version of Quicken (Ver. R34.24, Build, Windows 10 Ver. 21H1, on a Dell XPS 8700 I7 - 4770 CPU, 4 cores, at 3.4 GHz. In the past, Quicken was always very responsive and I could easily go through a 50 transaction reconciliation in less than 5 minutes. There are various other serious issues that I have recently encountered with Quicken and would like to know if others are experiencing this issues and what is Quicken doing about improving its performance.


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    Try these Windows settings. Some of us have found it speeds up Quicken a bit. I'd be interested to learn if it makes a difference for you.

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