Report based on transaction CLR status (reconciled/cleared) & transaction status (reviewed/flagged)

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There are three important search criteria which are missing when creating reports, two of which are the status columns: a transaction's CLR status and a transaction's status (downloaded, matched, flagged for review). (The other is text in the memo field, which is discussed in this thread; please click and vote for it, too!)

There are times where you need a report to include only reconciled transactions, or only unreconciled transactions. You can do this to a limited degree: in a register, you can sort on the CLR column, select the cleared or uncleared transactions, and print them as a report -- but there is no way to combine that with other criteria, as you can in Edit reports. There should be a way to specify the reconcile status as one of the search criteria when building a report. 

Note: The old Quicken Mac 2007 allowed users to specify reconciled, cleared or non-reconciled in creating a report:

The enhancement request here is to add this as one of the criteria available when building a report. Vote for this feature by clicking the arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box below.

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  • I keep using parallels for the windows version because the mac version doesn't have this specific feature, which I depend on.