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I am not able to log-in to my file with the password that has been used plenty of times. I cannot click on the Forgot Password link. I have seen other posts about the same problem so see that it is an issue. Need to know how to proceed. I cannot open the file. I do have a back-up with version R-34.24 from July 30. One comment was that had a patch. Do I use that back-up? I have had issues before with updates that Quicken pushes out that cause extra work for me to fix. I do not want to restore if that is not going to fix it. Too early to access any support so hope to get some assistance here.


  • splasher
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    When you restore the backup, change the name of the data file so that it does not overwrite the existing file, that way if restored backup does work, you have lost nothing but the effort to try.
    As a bit more peace of mind, make a Windows Explorer copy of your existing file to a different folder.
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