Incorrect Running Balance total [edited]

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Hi, Having a lot of issues over the last few weeks. Primary concern is the simple running totals of my accounts. I included a screenshot of one of my accounts that demonstrates the total incorrectness of the running total.
Other concerns are the continual errors I am getting when resetting my accounts (due the fact they are no longer updating). There is a complete screw up with the "synchronization" that messed with all my account balances - and I can't identify the transactions causing the issues - but then, that may very well play into the running total issue I mentioned at top.

It isn't really acceptable for a finance program not to correctly report account balances. What is going on with this application that I can't connect to my accounts, incorrect balances are being reported and the sync is messing with multiple accounts (in a bad way)?


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    Is this account filtered in any way?  Click RESET at the top; of the account register.

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    No. I have been getting incorrect running balances for the last few weeks (maybe month). I think it has to do with the sync feature. My phone app seems to be ok but is out of sync with the desktop app. Unfortunately my phone app isn't my primary interface and I have now deleted all accounts that weer syncing.

    There are several accounts that the incorrect balance is happening for - Credit card accounts and checking accounts. Also, PNC stopped connecting all together as did my Amazon card. My Chase credit cards are out by thousands of dollars and I had to put in a dummy transaction to get them to provide an accurate overall balance.

    As I mentioned - several major issues over the last month or so. No changes on my PC. I was thinking Quicken was stabilizing the over the last 6 months but we are back to spending hours fixing or working out why things stop working.
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    I have been having the same trouble, though not just the running totals but with reconciling as well. I just balanced my checking account a couple of weeks ago and it was perfect. My balance usually matches perfectly with my online balance. However today it is nearly $500 off and the mistake goes back for months. So far I haven't found where the error starts. I had this happen to one of my credit card accounts a couple of weeks ago, but I thought that was due to a change with the account. My checking account hasn't changed in years. This is really disturbing. I am now wondering if all my accounts are corrupted.
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    Update: I was able to find the wrong balance error went back several years. It turned out that it was related to the credit card account that had gotten messed up. I just put a correction several years ago and it fixed the balance. I also did ran the Validate and Repair function and it found a few minor errors. I am still not a 100% sure what happened to the credit card file which started this whole problem.