Schwab Password with Special Characters: valid but rejected by Quicken Password Vault

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I recently updated my Schwab brokerage account passwords to include special characters. Quicken would not accept the password change showing nonspecific "password error" messages. The Schwab tech support boys knew what the problem was: special characters.

Fortunately, I landed on Quick Tech Support Genius Chris, from Guatemala. In order for Quicken to accept special characters for Schwab, and only Schwab accounts, ALL Schwab accounts in Quicken associated with that user name and password must be deactivated. and reactivated. Only one of the accounts needs to be "reactivated" as the next step will enable you to link all of the "new" accounts associated with the user name to the existing accounts.

Be sure to save the new password in your vault because if you do not and run an update the old password will be used multiple times while attempting to access your Schwab accounts, eventually locking you out of your accounts, both in Quicken, and on the Schwab web site, requiring a call to Schwab Tech Support to unlock your account and starting the deactivation, reactivation process all over again with a different password.

Thanks again to Chris from Quicken Tech Support who navigated thru several complicated issues.


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    UPDATE: The fix did not work!! Initially, when the the Schwab accounts were reactivated, the passwords with special characters was accepted in Quicken, Quicken software communicated w/ Schwab and the download occurred.

    BUT... when the special character password is saved in the Quicken Password Vault and the the download is re-attempted, Quicken gives you the following error pop-up:

    "Quicken is not able to use the password you entered. Enter a password which contains both numbers (0..9) and letters(A..Z)

    Unbelievable, I have the Quicken screenshot with the error message for anyone interested. As a previous user had posted, the problem is in the Quicken Password Vault, and it only occurs with Schwab accounts. My TDA, Wells Fargo, Ally, Chase, Vanguard, etc., etc. accounts all have special characters which have been saved in the Quicken Password Vault and the downloads work 100%.

    It would be nice if a Quicken Rep would at least acknowledge the problem and address w/ a software engineer. (Quicken case number: 8768848)
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    ahhh - I see you already posted the same comment in the other thread.
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    I did. Previous comment was flagged “closed - off topic” so I wanted to make sure the issue was out there so folks not wasting 2+ hours of their life trying to fix!🤣