Export portfolio view at lot-level without grouping (Q Mac)

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I can see a portfolio view and export it to CSV or clipboard, either with or without lot-level detail. The resulting export with detail on lots, though, groups the lot-level rows by security, which means that, in a spreadsheet, the name of the security is on its own line, not on the line(s) with the lot-level detail(s). For printing, this is fine, but for any kind of analysis (which is the purpose of the export) it is extremely frustrating.

The only fix is to manually add in the names of the securities onto each lot-level line, and to do this each time you download. If you add in a column for the security symbol, this helps a bit because that's exported at the lot-level detail; but it would be far easier to have the security name (and the symbol) associated with each lot, and skip the 'rollup' line that sums up at security-level. Again, this doesn't matter if all you're doing is printing or viewing; it only matters if you want to do further analysis.

I think there are Quicken users, though, who really want to do this kind of additional analysis.

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