Quicken keeps deleting content from Paychecks

everytime my paycheck is deposited, Quicken remove all the line-items from my paycheck. Does anyone else have this issue and have a fix? I cant seem to find a way to fix this and fix my paychecks if there is an error in one of the line items. Its screwing up my transfers to different accounts.

Why is quicken so bad and maintaining quality code that doesnt break simple items with each update???


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    Hi @Arpit,

    Sorry to hear you are having this issue.  It seems to affect some users but not all and has been a problem for several months.  It may be connected to Sync to Mobile or Quicken on the Web, but I don't think that's always the case. Here's a LINK1 to a thread that has additional information. 

    However for assistance, I suggest that you contact Quicken Support using this LINK2.

    Good luck.


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  • Monte Kern
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    I am having the same paycheck issue. 11 years of data has been altered. Every paycheck in my file back to 2010 has been altered to delete ALL splits and just show the net deposit amount.
    However, that is not all that has been altered. Several other split transactions going back multiple years have been altered. ALL of my Medical insurance records are hosed. I think this started when I authorized cloud BU earlier this year. I might have been able to live with recreating 2 or 3 months of entries, but to lose 11 years of critical data is the last straw. I did try restoring a BU file from a time I thought was before the trouble started, but no good.
    That's it for me, I'm done with Quicken.

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