Save original report name and version along with saved reports, and allow viewing that info

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Many report questions and issues arise from saved reports that were created in an earlier version of Quicken. Because there is apparently some code that is saved along with the report and this code is not updated when Quicken is updated, this can lead to reports that do not behave the same as newly created reports with the same customizations.

And because reports are usually renamed when they are saved, it is sometimes hard to tell what standard report a customized report is based on.

If there were a way to view the original report name and the report version if there is one, it would be easier to diagnose and fix report issues. If reports do not have an internal version, the original Quicken version would be OK as a substitute, but the report version would be better because the reports change much less frequently than Quicken does. 

This information could be shown at the bottom of the Advanced customization tab.
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    I'm pretty sure there isn't any "code", just data.  This is the classic backwards compatibility problem.

    One has to be extremely careful of how they write new code so that it can still use the old settings data, and if new settings are needed, but not in the old data, deciding what defaults need to be used for the missing settings.  I would be extremely surprised to find that they are using any kind of versioning in the saved reports.

    Saving/displaying the original report name though would be very useful.
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    It might be just as useful to know what version of Quicken the user was running when they saved the report. There are certainly many cases where report problems can be resolved by re-customizing one of the current built-in reports. 

    There are also cases where saved reports stop working apparently because of database design changes. Sometimes these can be fixed  with the Reset Columns button.

    There may be no versions in the reports, but maybe there should be.
    There is an ongoing issue where seemingly identical default Account Balances reports produce different results depending on whether you access the report from the Property and Debt > Net worth page or from Reports > Net Worth and Balances > Account Balances. In my case, I see large negative balances in several long-empty investing accounts when opening the report from the Property and Debt tab. See this discussion

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