Home, Business and rental property- crash when trying to add account

After a 2 week hiatus, I came back to working on my Quicken. I selected "tools", "add account" , the program crashes, sending me to the crash report popup.
I get the same result when trying to update an account to online reporting- select account, account details, online services, set up now....
the program goes to set up new account, holds on blank page for approx 3 sec. then dumps to crash report.
Windows10 64bit
Quicken crashes when I try to get release/version info

Any ideas?


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    HI @Phrogger57

    To start, I would suggest that you do some datafile troubleshooting.

    Before starting the Validate & Repair process, you should copy your current data file within Quicken, and use that copied file in the validation process.

    The Copy steps are:

    1)      Select: “File” > ”File Operations” > “Copy...”

    2)      In the Pop-Up make sure all info is correct and all boxes are checked, then click “OK”.

    3)      If the “Copy” process fails, it would likely be caused by a corrupt file. You can then try to bypass the corruption by holding down both the “Ctrl” and “Shift” Keys while performing step 1) immediately above.

    4)      If you are asked "Ignore errors that prevent file copy?" click on "Yes".  (However you should know that doing this could cause data to be deleted.)

    The “Validate & Repair” File steps are:

    1)      Select: “File” > ”File Operations” > “Validate and Repair...”

    2)      Make sure that the “File to validate and repair” is the new Copy you made above.

    3)      Read the “warnings” and check the boxes accordingly.  (I suggest you click: “Validate file”, “Rebuild investing lots”, “Correct investing price history” and “Repair”)

    4)      Click “OK”

    Once the Validate & Repair process finishes, review the output and:

    1)      Correct any reported errors that the V&R process did not repair.

    2)      Next close and then restart Quicken making sure that you open the newly repaired file.

    Let us know how that goes.


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    Please be aware that using the "Copy" function in Quicken Windows starting with R34.24 will now disconnect ALL your online services and accounts with downloads. This will require the user to re-establish all your credentials and re-connect all those accounts in order to download transactions.