Dropbox 5GB disappears every year

Every year, my Dropbox 5GB from Quicken disappears from DropBox. I then go to get the code from Quicken to enter coupon into Dropbox and they reject coupon code as "already in use" even though there is no 5GB redeemed offer in Plan. I was able to chat with Quicken support to get this resolved. HOWEVER, it took 40 minutes and multiple screenshots to them from Quicken and Dropbox to get a new coupon code that worked. Quicken should make this a much smoother process.


  • hillrl
    hillrl Member
    I work all the time I can't take off just to argue with Quicken. Plus I will not have my computer at work. What did they say about the code? I would think if you repurchase the program every year, every box would come with a new dropbox code. You paid for it with the program and the box says it comes with it.
  • I just renewed my Quicken for a year. I'd not used the Dropbox code in the past, was backing up Quicken to a thumb drive. I decided to use it this time and despite not using it in the past got the "already used" message when I input the code. I have Dropbox already so have some space available but don't want to use it up with Quicken backups. I agree they need a better system for this, we shouldn't have to go through this to get something that is supposedly included in our purchase.
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