MAC: Add ability to create, list and edit online repeating payments for bank bill pay

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I've been a Quicken user since 1998 and one of the nicer features USED to be to set up bank online repeating payments for things like transfers from checking to savings account, payments to HOA, health insurance monthly payments, sending credit card companies minimum payments so there are no late fees etc. No additional interaction or logon was required. Quicken used to be able to set up these payments via the transaction pull down menu and there *SEEMED* to be support for it in the bills and payments tab but that has disappeared also.

What is required is 1) the ability to create repeating online payments with the payee info such as account number, the amount, the date of the month when it is to be paid and optional ending date; the ability to list all existing online recurring payments and edit them.

Please add.
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    Similar problem, trying to change the date of quickpay transaction.