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  • Danny123
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    I have a more serious issue with the investment portfolio. In one brokerage account, I have 100 shares shown in the summary, but were shown a lot more shares on the detail breakdown. Thus the average cost per share is a lot greater. Could anyone tell me how this could be resolved. Right now, all I could do to correct this is selling the affected shares in that account. Thanks!
  • Jim_Harman
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    When you say "summary" and "detail breakdown" exactly where do you see these numbers? Is this what is displayed when you click on Holdings when viewing the account's transaction list, or someplace else?

    Do you actually hold 100 shares, or the larger number?

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  • NotACPA
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    Also, have you previously owned a larger number of these shares ... but sold some, resulting in your current holding?
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  • epurman
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    Does your summary include the same accounts as you portfolio? If there is a manageable number of transactions, change the date of your portfolio to the date after the transaction and if possible, see the transaction in which the trouble started; if you get there edit that transaction and/or consider deleting or reentering.

    As someone previously said, this is a very different issue than the original and to target your question and answer, you should start a new post.