Stuck Bill Pay Transaction on Mac

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I had an IntraBank Transfer (Direct Connect) transaction get "stuck" in limbo. It showed status "waiting" and warned that it could not be confirmed that it went through, and would keep trying to confirm before it would process any other QBP transactions. It stayed like this for four days. The transaction could not be deleted or canceled by normal means.

I vaguely remembered there's a keyboard trick to force delete the transaction, but could not remember what it was. So I called Quicken Support. They were no help at all. But while on the phone with them, I stumbled upon the trick: you must pull down the Transaction > Delete menu item and then click it while holding down the Option key. Clicking Command-Option-Delete does not work. You are then given options to force delete the transaction. There is no indication on the menu when you press the Option key that there is a different functionality available.

As far as I can tell, this is not documented anywhere. At least I could not find it by searching.


1. Quicken Support should be educated on how to force delete a transaction on Mac. Even though I chose "Mac" in the phone tree menu, the rep really didn't know much about Mac.

2. The menu text should change to something like "Force Delete" when the Option key is held down. This is how other programs indicate an alternate functionality available on a menu item.
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